More about Nyirarukundo who has been appointed Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office

Sangiza abandi

President Paul Kagame has appointed new leaders and among them, Assumpta Ingabire as State Minister for Social Affairs in the Ministry in the Ministry of Local Government, while Ignatienne Nyirarukundo has been appointed as Senior Adviser for social protection programme in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Two year ago, Nyirarukundo has been acting as the State Minister for Social Affairs in the Ministry of local government (MINALOC).Nyirarukundo was a pointed the State Minister for social affairs in MINALOC in 2019 after executing her political responsibilities in the parliament, Chamber of MPs for the period of six years.Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, she served as a Commissioner in the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation. She was also the President of the Swiss Association for the Protection of the Rights of jailed children under the age of 18.She also served as the Coordinator of the Committee in charge of Protection of Children as a UNICEF Specialist in the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF).According to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister,


Assumpta Ingabire was named the state minister in charge of social affairs and social protection in the Ministry of Local Government.Ingabire replaces Ignatienne Nyirarukundo after serving as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Gender and Family promotion since October 2019. She also served at the same position in the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC).Prior to that, Ingabire worked for MINALOC as Inspector General. SHE has performed other works at Imbuto Foundation.

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