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More than 800 young students of FAWE GIRLS SCHOOL, including the school authorities, their teachers, the staff of the Episcopal Justice and Peace Commission of Rwanda as well as the current Miss Rwanda Grace INGABIRE who was among the guests of honor

Saturday, October 30, 2021 at FAWE GIRLS SCHOOL, in the district of Gasabo in Kigali City for an extraordinary session whose theme was: “ The Contribution of Youth in the Reconciliation Process in Rwanda ” with aim to inform young people about the role of unity and reconciliation as part of the closing of the Month of Unity and Reconciliation, an initiative carried out across the country. The event was organized by the Episcopal Justice and Peace Commission of Rwanda (CEJP Rwanda) in collaboration with the German Technical Cooperation of AGIAMONDO represented by Francis ZEBAZE, Technical Advisor within CEJP Rwanda.

Sister Marie Beata NIKUZE and students

The day of the session was opened by Sister Marie Beata NIKUZE, in charge of student affairs at FAWE GIRLS SCHOOL who in her welcoming speech to the participants, she urged the students to follow up on the discussions and to implement the advice of ‘Unity and Reconciliation which should be given during the session. She underlined that the administration of the school was impassioned by being chosen by the CEJP Rwanda to host this day and promised that the school will continue a frank collaboration in the following days even in other angles of fields of actions.

Father Valens NIRAGIRE

In his opening remarks, Father Valens NIRAGIRE, National Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace in Rwanda, began by explaining to young people why education and efforts to encourage people to do good deeds including Peace, Justice and Reconciliation is a point that the commission can no longer ignore. He said the Rwandan community has reached 94% on the path to Peacebuilding, which is an exciting step, and called on young people to step up and plan to build better and lasting peace.

The discussion was also marked by a questions-and-answers session, chaired by the current Miss Rwanda Grace INGABIRE and Mr. NTABANGANYIMANA Vincent de Paul, a Catholic Christian artist. The alumni of FAWE GIRLS SCHOOL responded well to the questions posed, and their responses demonstrated their understanding of the concepts of Unity, Reconciliation, Peace and Justice. “I encourage young people to participate in the use of social media with a focus on building peace. You shouldn’t use social media to destabilize peace. You need to set a good example for your peers from the experience you have gained from these conversations”, Miss Ingabire cautioned the young people. Ingabire praised the efforts of the Catholic Church in setting up the Episcopal Conference which promoted the Commission for Justice and Peace in the country.


As the activity was under the support of the German Technical Cooperation of AGIAMONDO, Mr. Francis ZEBAZE mentioned that AGIAMONDO will continue to support initiatives aimed at Unity, Reconciliation as well as the consolidation of Peace while strengthening capacities of young people in all corners of the country, he also called on youth to avoid hate messages and remind them to keep learning from our country’s past for a good future.

The Episcopal Commission “Justice and Peace” is the organ of the Church which aims to study and deepen, under the doctrinal and pastoral aspect, problems relating to justice and peace, in view to awaken the people of God to fully understand these questions and to know their role and duties in the field of justice, development, human promotion, peace and human rights.

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