Leaders, teachers, students and parents at Mother Mary International School Complex shared Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Sangiza abandi

It is a ceremony that took place this Saturday, December 16, 2024 at the school branch located in the Gahanga sector where it was preceded by a demonstration to warm those present; starting from nursery, primary and secondary students they welcomed the participants to the event in an eye-opening manner where everyone showed their talents and they have many different talents.

The managing director and founder of Mother Mary International School Complex, Cyprien RWABIGWI, says that they decided to celebrate the festival of giving children Christmas and New year in Gahanga so that more parents can get to know it and bring their children because it is going to last for three months; in just a few days, exemplary works will be put in place that will make Gahanga the first in education-related infrastructure.

Cyprien RWABIGWI The managing director and founder of Mother Mary International School Complex

“We are here to celebrate Christmas and New year with children together with their parents. It is an activity that we do every year in order to communicate with them, thank them for finishing the year well and for passing the course well.

We thank the parents who came to share Christmas with the children and join us in wishing them a new year that we are about to start.” Said by Cyprien RWABIGWI the Managing Director and Founder of Mother Mary International Complex School.

He also says that they are happy to have collaborated with the Gahanga Sector Management in the event, especially because when they communicated the project of activities that are going to come to their sector of the Mother Mary branch, they did not understand it, especially because the time was short, but they will be surprised to see in for two months only the children have started learning and doing well in a safe environment which has been well received by many parents in Kicukiro and Bugesera districts.

“Educational activities should be accessible to everyone, especially since education is stable and close to being part of the government’s programs. I am very grateful to the management of Mother Mary International School Complex who had the idea to establish a branch in Gahanga sector, and in this context they have allowed us all the possible cooperation aimed at supporting the quality of education and everything else possible.” Said by Emmanuel RUTUBUKA Executive Secretary of Gahanga Sector.

He also says that people who knew that those who study in private schools are those who have not been able to pass the state exam of primary schools, ordinary level or high schools so it has been proven that private schools produce more diligent and talented students.

Mother Mary International School Complex is a school that continues to show diversity in schools operating in Rwanda. It is a Cambridge international school characterized by talented children who graduate and go to other institutions and continue to be the first. Its management says that its priority is to raise smart and well-mannered children. It is a school which is located in Kibagabaga Kimironko sector, Gasabo district. Recently in the nine month they have opened a branch in Gahanga that is helping those who live in Kicukiro and Bugesera districts to find a place where they will be comfortable and where they will grow real products.

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