17 students from SDB Africa Bible College received their diplomas.

Sangiza abandi

It is an event that took place on Saturday, December 16, 2023 at the Seventh Day Baptist Church in rwanda located in Musanze city. There were 17 students who graduated from SDB Africa Bible College where they were presented with a diploma. The event begun with a good parade of students, teachers and their leaders.

“The purpose of the college is to train the pastors And leaders in Seventh Day Baptist Church in Africa to be more effective in their leadership and pastoring in order to provide them with skills and theolagical training, ministry training so that they can be better leaders for their congregations and for their conferences.” Said by The SDB Africa Bible College Master Andy Samuels.

The first Seminar of the SDB Africa Bible College (ABC) is now in the history books. Bringing together 17students from African countries, the four-day event was conducted at the Regions Beyond Ministries (RBM) Retreat Center just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The students immersed themselves in the reinforcement of the principles of Bible Interpretation, Spiritual Maturity and Leadership Development, as called for by the first two Modules of the 2-year study and training program.

Jean De Dieu KARIMUTUMYE, the leader of the Seventh Day Baptists church in Rwanda. He says that the work of teaching the Bible to students at SDB Africa Bible College is a program that started in June, 2021 and they learned using the online method studies and mix it with meeting teachers sometimes face to face to help them better understand what they have learned.

“It’s a pleasure for me that I ‘m only one woman among the whole team (actually I’m from Uganda) so now I’m a qualified leader I can stand and preach the God, I’m excited and it’s a blessing to God and I give thanks to Almighty because it is his will.I encourage my fellow women to participate in ministry cause we have power and potential.” Said by Babiri Aline a graduant of SDB Africa Bible College.

The Seventh Day Baptist Africa Bible College was born out of a clearly expressed need for theological and ministry training for pastors and other leaders in many of their conferences.

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