Prayer Breakfast: Make right choices and refuse inequality – Kagame

Sangiza abandi

President Paul Kagame, on Sunday, January 14, said Rwandans should own their development through choices they make and refuse global inequality and imposition.

He was addressing government officials, private sector leaders, diplomats, and senior religious leaders, among others, at the 29th annual National Prayer Breakfast held at Kigali Convention Centre.

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The prayer breakfast, an annual event organised by Rwanda Leaders Fellowship (RLF) that seeks to instill Godly values in leadership, was held under the theme: “Serving God’s people for lasting change,” serving as an opportunity to thank God for the past achievements and pray for the nation’s progress.

In his address, Kagame noted that a road towards development is a matter of choice, action, and faith altogether, adding that faith, religion, and politics have a point where they converge because the whole purpose is to serve people and build nations.

“Faith, in my view, beliefs people have of different kinds, should also serve to strengthen ourselves. They should strengthen us in determining, in choosing, in deciding what is best for us. And just refuse that people have the right to come and decide for you, and decide even what happens to you. Just refuse.

All people are the same and equal before God. No one is above the other. One has to accept it and live by it. It is what should guide your work.”

He stated that where Rwanda needs to be cannot be decided by anyone else from anywhere but by Rwandans themselves.

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